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What 6th Dr. adventures SHOULD have been

By:Puddleglum, Southern Ettinsmoor
Date:Friday 19 April 2002
Rating:   10

It is a great pleasure to see that the writers agree with the fans when it comes to the 6th Dr - he wasn't a bad Doctor, he just got really bad stories. This is a story worthy of any Doctor.

This story starts with the TARDIS needing to recouperate after Frobisher decides to hunt fish in the pool and uses the TARDIS to generate the fish. They land in a castle where Frobisher is promptly declared a god. This ends the up side of their day. To describe anything past this really runs into spoilers-ville, so suffice it to say that what you think is happening may not really be what is happening.

the almost perfect mixture of humor, drama and intrigue (for Dr. Who, anyway), this adventure is easily worth the money. My hat's off to the writer(s). Thank you.

Holy Smoke

By:James, UK
Date:Thursday 24 March 2005
Rating:   8

I chose this NAA because it was highly rated here and seemed less predictable than some of the other titles. I wasn't disappointed.
The first episode is a bit shakey, with some wooden voice acting. The humourous and serious aspects of the plot also jar a bit at this stage, before being smoothed out later. Episode 2 sets a better pace though and 3 & 4 are superb, with the Doctor and Frobisher trapped in a Freudian nightmare. The ending is very powerful.
What I liked most here was the natural combination of a pacy (at times quite scary!) story with integral wry humour (the rituals) and some cracking one-liners (my favourite being "The lying blasphmer speaks the truth, your holiness"). The setting smacked a bit of Gormenghast though.
Colin Baker is well-suited to audio. Having not read the comics I didn't know what to expect of Frobisher, but everything you need to know is elegantly explained and I got to like him. It is strange having the 6th Dr paired with somebody sharp and sarcastic (rather than Peri or Mel), allowing some interesting interaction.
Overall the ideal companion to a long train journey!

Brilliantly Conceived

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 29 September 2006
Rating:   9

How this story works beats me. It shouldn't. How can we get "all hail the big talking bird" and the child murderer in the same story and have it all make sense and fit together? Furthermore, in the DW comics I always hated Frobisher; just a cheap grab at the 80s penguin craze caused by Opus. Here, however, Frobisher fits into the story well, and Robert Jezek performs hims well. The real star, though, is the story itself. This mixture of satire on pointless English historical rituals and tragedy of one man's endless self-punishment works itself out beautifully. Every part has a reason to be in there and the story maintains its internal consistency. Peter Guiness, playing Childeric, is a vocal dead ringer for Paul Darrow. The one complaint I have is the reliance on Time Lord technology in the end. Gallifrey, Time Lords, and TARDIS's are getting just too common these days.

This really is class...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 16 March 2008
Rating:   10

The Holy Terror has the unique feel of a stage play on disc. Like it really is set in a few cramped stages in some theatre somewhere. But this is not a bad thing by any means. Im afraid that The Holy Terror is faultless in my opinion.
List of reasons for this comment are below....

Well, firstly you dont get a run of the mill monster runaround. You get kings and queens and deep dungeons and people wanting to be hurt and babies who are not all that they first appear to be. That baby's voice is so creepy let me tell you. This story would be classed as a go between of horror and comedy. the line "last time i try to get to power by marrying a moron" made me crack up when i first heard it. This is total class.

Rob Jezek happens to be great as Frobisher too i have to say. he seems to relish being a penguin. The scenes with Colin in the TARDIS are so cool and well scripted, they could have worked on screen so well i think. This story is packed to the brim with memorable doctor who moments that the new series on tv should take some lessons from...

A nice break inbetween

By:Andrew Shaw, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 14 July 2010
Rating:   9

I really enjoy the Frobisher stories and wish there were more they are like a relief break inbetween the really serious stories but that doesnt mean they are worse in any way they are just as good and better than a few you get to see Colin Bakers humour come out in this and I think he makes a really good doctor and the audio stories have proved it this was an enjoyable story with a comicly dark side.

Very entertaining

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Friday 13 January 2012
Rating:   9

This was my first exposure to Frobisher. And although I enjoyed the character I did not like the Brookland USA acsent they used for him. Other than that I enjoyed this whole story very much. The story is entertaining, with lots of surprises and plot twists and turns, with a lovely amount of humor (The bit at the start of the adventure is worth the price of this CD alone)
Yet again Colin Baker has shown us the 6th Doctor we should have got, and this is a adventure that he really sinks his teeth into. Well written by Robert Sherman and expertly directed by Nicholas Pegg who has a long history in Doctor Who

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