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Tom Baker reads Dr Who; it can't be bad!

By:Dave, Australia
Date:Monday 4 July 2005
Rating:   9

A little known treasure! Is it one of the better stories? No. Does Baker give it his all? Well, not his all but not his worst either. His classic voice does carry the story along. Basically, it's one of the actors who played the Doctor reading one of his own stories. It is better than similar readings produced by the BBC. When Jon Pertwee reads "Planet of the Daleks" and "Curse of Peladon"; you can hear his age in his voice. When Colin Baker reads "Vengence on Varos" and "Attack of the Cyberman"; his accent for Peri can be a distraction. Peter Davison reading "Kinda" and "Warriors from the Deep" is rather good but Tom Baker has the better reading voice. Like those recordings, if there is a problem with the script it's either the choice of story or the novelisation leaves out much that the viewer rememebered. However, it is one the few times we have (or will ever have) of Tom Baker performing Dr. Who on audio. For that alone, it's a must have!

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