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Just a Small Piece of the Puzzle

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Sunday 10 December 2006
Rating:   6

This second episode of the second Gallifrey series focuses on the relationship between Romana and Leela, and on their contrasting characteristics. Without revealing too much about the plot here, though there really is rather little of it to be revealed anyway, what basically happens is that, as the episode synopsis states, Romana takes Leela to a quiet retreat planet for some r and r. While there, in the midst of the planet's lush forests, they end up engaging in some argumentative discussions along the lines of spirituality versus logic, such as 'intelligent design' versus evolution. During the course of the visit, strange events transpire which lead them each to a much greater understanding of the other. What we end up with is an odd little episode, which, while it gives us some very interesting and satisfying interaction between Leela and Romana, does little to actually build on the previous episode. It does, however, contain one big, enigmatic hook that compels the listener to tune in to the next installment.

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