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By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Tuesday 5 December 2006
Rating:   7

Lies is the first episode of the Gallifrey series' second season. The story is fairly well-written, except that some things are made to happen a bit too conveniently - in particular, the Matrix and K-9 come off as possessing nearly magical qualities here... Still, it is rather imaginative, and in this one brief episode, intriguing links are made to the events of Neverland and to Romana's regeneration in Doctor Who's seventeenth season (which is pretty well clarified here, imo), Braxiatel's role is uncovered and there is the beginning of a new revelation regarding ancient Gallifrey, and all of these are interconnected in a cohesive storyline. It's great to hear Mary Tamm back as the first Romana, and her scenes in the Matrix projection alone make this one worth listening to.

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