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By:Devon dalek, Between Kitten Natatvidads boobs
Date:Wednesday 2 February 2005
Rating:   2

An ok read,needs pictures.

Less challenging than The Sun crossword

By:the Traveller, Currently stuck on Question 47
Date:Sunday 12 February 2006
Rating:   3

I picked up this book for £1, which is all it's worth. The most fun to be had with this book is skimming through it looking for mistakes. Rubbish.

Mostly Classic Series and Not Very Hard

By:Greg Auger, Southampton
Date:Saturday 16 June 2007
Rating:   4

This book is good for quizzing friends with but it concentrates almost entirely on the classic series (no good for new fans) and the question are extremely easy.

Too easy

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 27 May 2008
Rating:   1

The title says it all. Don't bother.

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