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Solid trad audio. Terry Molloy rocks!

By:Axel F., Canada
Date:Monday 24 January 2005
Rating:   9

A great 'trad' story with solid performances. The bottom line here is that I really enjoyed this one. It will have its critics as there really nothing 'new' here (it may also upset continuity fans who may be after more of an answer as to what happens to Davros between this story and ‘Remembrance of the Daleks –didn’t bother me). However the characters are memorable and well-defined. Scott Alan Woodard does a good job as a first time Big Finish writer with a story that keeps your interest and doesn't drag. The Daleks are, as is usual with Davros stories, mainly on the periphery but Terry Molloy is so good as Davros that it doesn't seem to matter. The Mechanoids get arguably as good a treatment as they can on audio. Kudos to Scott Alan Woodard and Bonnie Langford for making Mel such a strong character here. Another great Sixth Doctor performance from Colin Baker and a welcome addition to his adventures.

Misleading Advertising

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 18 June 2006
Rating:   6

The idea of having the Mechanoids return to face off against the Daleks again gets totally derailed by bringing Davros into the picture. Instead of Mechanoids v. Daleks Mechanical Smackdown II, both of the metallic creations get subordinated into props for what is really a Davros story. As Davros stories go, this is a fine one. And, of course, where Davros goes, there must be Daleks around somewhere. However, that makes the Mechanoids superfluous. As far as they are used, there might have been any old type of robot.

A plus in this one is that Bonnie Langford gets some of the strongest writing for her part. We get to see her not as a dimwitted screamer committed to vegetarianism, but as a skilled technician with a strong will and appealing personality.

Season 17 Revisited

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Wednesday 13 September 2006
Rating:   6

Think of it this way: The Juggernauts is to Revelation of the Daleks as Destiny of the Daleks is to Genesis of the Daleks. One reason I say this is that it seemed like I was hearing the ghost of Douglas Adams in the script of The Juggernauts - a lot of pretty goofy dialogue here (*not* in a good way). Aside from that, we have a story of the Daleks in a clash with another mechanical force (as in Destiny), significant references to the previous story (as in Destiny), and the borrowing of elements of the previous story - in Destiny, the return to Skaro for Davros, and in The Juggernauts, Davros' use of human bodies to build his creations, similarly to what happened in Revelation. Other criticism: the damaged, studdering Dalek could've been interesting, but came out ridiculous, and the fate of Davros in this story could've been nicely tied into his appearance in Remebrance of the Daleks, but wasn't. What a wasted opportunity, and what we're left with here *appears* to be a blatant disregard of the series continuity. Also, the performances were a mixed bag. Colin Baker is fully in character and sounds just like he did in season 23 (in a good way), but some of the supporting actors were mediocre at best. Overall, interesting but a bit frustrating.

Not perfect, but enjoyable

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 30 July 2012
Rating:   8

Big Finish here do what the old series used to do rather often, display whats in the story on the cover and so destroy any wonderings as to who Professor Vasso really is, so all sense of mystery that could have been presented in dissappointingly gone.

Terry Molloy though steals the show, as does also a far better version of Melanie Bush, who came over as the in tune with the theme tune screamer whilst on screen for her far too short tenure. (Whats more, Im so very glad to see at last that after some years Bonnie's going to be back to do a new audio story at last!) Terry gives his usual excellent performance as Davros, and is really sick in this one.

The voice of the Mechanoids are so very well realised, and sound just like they did back in the Chase all those years ago on the old series of the series. And they square off well against the daleks who are the usual stupid tin boxes they always were on TV.

Yet the story is not quite as brilliant as it could have been. Some of the supporting cast are quite good, and some really match up to Colin, Bonnie and Terry. But the last scene where Mel leaves that music box on the dalek ship is a very touching moment. But still sometimes this tale does seem to drag, but it is still far better than anything on the new series at the moment.

Although the human flesh used in the mechanoids adds the ghoulish feel of Colin's first season on TV to this audio. And I love the twist of Mel's back up plan and her anger at Davros's callous behaviour. Really makes you see how Good Bonnie Langford is!

Robot Wars!

By:Ian Cotterill, Chipping Norton, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 18 November 2013
Rating:   8

‘The Juggernauts' is one of my favourite Audio Adventures. The story is really thrilling and emotional, with a great cast leading it. Colin Baker continues to excel as the Sixth Doctor and Bonnie Langford really gets to explore Mel’s character in a way that her television stories did not. Terry Molloy, meanwhile, gives a great performance as Davros, bring out the Kaled Scientist’s ruthlessness and megalomania, and I really liked the idea of him using the Mechanoids to make up his army, showing that he does not need the Daleks to act as his henchmen all the time. Speaking of Skaro’s Finest, the Daleks are particularly devious in this story, manipulating the Doctor to do their dirty work for them, and the scenes where they battle the modified Mechanoids are quite exciting. Overall, this is a fantastic story and should be highly recommended.

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