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More greatness

By:Joe Ford, England
Date:Tuesday 4 May 2004
Rating:   9

Another terrific EDA and proof that the superlative Sometime Never... did not shut the lid on what this series can do. This book is the funniest in ages and while it is making you wet yourself with laughter it deals with the Doctor's amnesia in a very thoughtful and engagin manner. Highly reccomended.

Great Book

By:John Hatfield, Sydney, Australia
Date:Thursday 13 May 2004
Rating:   9

I thought it was a great book. One of the few EDAs that has properly utilised the 8th Doctor's amnesia in a way that has worked with the plot, and not undercut it. Good characterisations of both Fitz and Trix give this book some substance to the series and the characters. One book I had trouble putting down.

Not quite the sum of its parts...

By:John Ellison, Atlanta, USA
Date:Sunday 15 August 2004
Rating:   7

A solid story with lots of interesting tidbits. Always nice to see the line acknowledging events from the past novels. I like continuity!
I found the setting interesting--reminds me of Casablanca for some reason. That said though, the various components of the novel never quite manage to come together and create a truly satisfying story for me. The above average rating I give it comes more from the book looking back at some INTERESTING aspects of the lines past and the unspoken promise of what may be coming.

All-in-all, a solid adventure.

Leaves you Wanting More

By:Jerry Lewandowski, Las Vegas, NV, US
Date:Sunday 12 September 2004
Rating:   7

Not the greatest story in the 8th doctor series but it did have some strong points. With the use of the Doctor's amnesia and his being torn between getting his memories back or not, Trix's inner struggle with her past, and the mysterious Madame Xing (who reminds me a bit of the Rani), we could have the makings of some interesting novels in the near future.

Definitly A Good Read.

By:bruce klopfstein, Superior, WI, USA
Date:Saturday 19 February 2005
Rating:   8

I really enjoyed this one. It had some good humor and a unpredictable endding. It was interesting seeing the bluring of the Doctors charactor and Fitz's charactor. Of experencing there discovering more about each other, sharing their fears and seeing how others preceive them. The character development was greater in this one book then in the last several Doctor who combined.

One of the best reads

By:The Voter from Vortos, Vortos, Nebula Galaxy
Date:Sunday 10 April 2005
Rating:   9

Starts off with mystery. Development here. Action paced. Robotic Ys taking over humans, talking ships, giant apes and baby monkeys - whatever more could you ask for a Doctor Who book?

I found this was one of the Doctor Who books I really, really enjoyed. With a good setting, good characters whose personalities develop throughout the book, added up with humour and spice and all things nice, I really felt disappointed when I came to the final page and realised there was no more writing after the word "me.". With a good story, good plot, good pacing, you really want to pick up the next book by Michalowski you see and read it forever, and never come to the final page (that is, in a very good sense).

Only one thing I didn't like: the slow beginning prologue/chapter, and merging bottoms in one scene (just not cricket, lads).

One of the best stories the BBC has published, and one of the best Doctor Who's I've ever read. Heartwarming, funny, action-packed, the list could go on, and on, and on......

Park life!

By:Hatman, location, location, location...
Date:Wednesday 26 July 2006
Rating:   6

I'll steal reviews if I want to! the book? what book? oh THAT book! it was, overall, in total, all in all average.In parts. Most of the time.

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