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Another Hit!

By:Piers, Lancashire, UK
Date:Thursday 7 October 2004
Rating:   9

This is the first Big Finish full length Bernice novel that I have read, and it far exceeded my expectations. The somewhat brief page count of this book ensures that the pace is unrelenting, with action and plot developments coming thick and fast. The plot can best be described as a cross between Jurassic Park and The Matrix - the robot ecosystem is well thought and presented in a way that actually makes it seem quite probable! As an ecologist, there is little I can find in here that contradicts established theories on evolution and ecosystem dynamics. Although the twist about the origins of the robots is signposted from the first chapter, it is what the hunters intend to do with them that provides the surprises. The issues that are raised here are actually very topical: the release of technology into the environment is something that many are concerned with today with the cultivation of GM crops. Although GM crops may differ significantly from the robots here, the devastation that they can potentially cause is not too dissimilar. (OK, I'm rambling here!)

The only disappointing aspect for me was that this novel has only the barest continuity with 'Life During Wartime': does it really make sense that after being separated from Peter for months, Bernice would just go on holiday straight away claiming to need a break from her son?!

Oh, and bonus points for the Posh Spice reference, had me laughing!

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