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Look Behind you

By:Clive Wright, Jersey
Date:Saturday 20 December 2003
Rating:   7

Peter Davison was always a good Doctor as sarah sutton a good assistant, although a little too smart at times.

The sense of atmosphere is very strong throughout the story and the monsters a real treat. A methods of monster bashing are a little weak, tins of paint! but overall an excellent yarn.

Good Atmosphere, Shoddy Explanations

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 17 July 2006
Rating:   7

The story has some good sound effects to make it quite scary at times. With the character of Nyssa getting more thought and development, Sarah Sutton has stepped back into the role with a much firmer control. Peter Davison convincingly recreates his Doctor. Though heavy on atmosphere, "The Land of the Dead" is rather light on explanation. Just what the Permians are, how developed, why they died out, and why no previous fossils had ever been found are all questions left begging. The concept of creatures with the skeleton on the outside holding the parts together through some electic force is so counter to all known evolutionary paths on Earth that one just cannot believe that they are not from some other world. Some deeper thought into the whys and wherefores woud have boosted the story.

great creature, pity about the story

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Monday 17 December 2007
Rating:   4

I really wanted to like this story but unfortunatly it just didn't work for me. I loved the story before this Wispers of Terror and had high hopes for it - maybe that was the problem.
The main problem i had was the plot. It would go in one direction and when you understand it, it changed direction. The other problem was the cast. The only thing that any of them did was complane to the Doctor all the time (i almost expected to see Dr Phil on the CD cover), I was hopeing for all their deaths just to shut them up.
There was a couple of good things about this story thoe. Fistly Davidson's and Sutton's proformance were good but this wasn't enough to save the story. The other thing was the bone creatures. Their concept was very well done, but they never amounted to anything.
Cole had tried something diffrent here but it hasn't worked, which is a shame as i have liked everything else he has done (Marian Conspiracy and Feast of the Drowned are amoung my favorates), so i wont judge him to harshly.
4 out of 10.

Not one of the best stories...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 12 March 2008
Rating:   6

But not the worst either by a long chalk. When I first bought this story i thought it was complete garbage. But ive listened to it a few times since and have grown to like to slightly more now. There are some very good ideas floating about. But this is one story that does suffer from being just too long. The new 25 minute format of recent adventures would have suited this tale. But its not all bad, by no means. Peter Davison for a start gives a solid and entertaining performance as the Doc. And Nyssa is and always was a favourite of mine, wonderfully played by Sarah Sutton. Just a pity that the monsters are good too but lamley written on the whole, the first episode still to me is utter tedium. The story picks up pace as it gets going though, and Monica is another great invention. Shes so real. But the most of this tale is sadly a little bit of a let down.

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