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Welcome back Colin

By:Clive Wright, Jersey
Date:Saturday 20 December 2003
Rating:   8

Colin Baker delivers a quality performance, his command of language and talent shine out, sadley not given the opportunity on TV.

The plot concerns sound and what a better way to get your mind working, than by CD.

This is what I call a classic, strong charters, plot and delivery. This may sound strange but try listening to it with all the lights off and then its impact really hits you.

Good Idea, But Lacks Plausibility

By:David Layton, Los Angeles
Date:Wednesday 27 September 2006
Rating:   6

Justin Richards has decided to take the sonic medium seriously by making a sound-oriented story. Set in the Museum of Aural Antiquities, the story's reliance upon a sound-creature, audio broadcasts, and verbal exchange is commendable. There is a tremendous plausibility gap, though. The center of focus, Visteen Krane, is supposed to be the "greatest actor of his generation." Yet, there are few photos or recordings. This makes no sense. Spend 5 minutes with an actor and you will understand that this makes no sense. An actor's career rests upon appearance. An actor who is not seen is not an actor. Neither is an unseen politician a politician. How could Krane become the prime candidate for the highest elected office if he made no political appearances? It just does not make sense.

Welcome back Colin and Nicola

By: Chris Harwood, New Zealand
Date:Wednesday 21 March 2007
Rating:   8

This story was the first i had listened to, and am glad to say that it was everything i hoped it would be. Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant jumped straigh back into the roles easily, and the chemistry between them was there all the way through. Colin shows us what we mnissed out on in the 80s, if only he had been give a chance.
The plot is a little hard to follow in a few places but the rest of the story makes up for it. The suport cast is good, but none were outstanding. But the mojor thing about this story is how clastrophobic i felt while i listened to it. I really felt i was in a sound proof studio, cut off from the rest of the world.
if you were a fan of the 6th doctor listning to this will renew your faith in Colin Baker. If you didn't, give this one a listen.

Utter brilliance....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 12 March 2008
Rating:   10

There are few stories that actually benefit from just being audio stories. Dont think this story would work so well as a screen adventure, but on audio its brilliant. This story does have a plausible feel to it. Its along the lines of a horror movie idea in my book. Man always seeks new ways to extend his life. And here we have a sound creature! Wow, fresh new idea. And a great new start to the big finish adventures! The big finish range has overall been incredible in quality. Loads of good story ideas, and many fantastic ones. There have been very few audios i havent liked. There have been none ive thought of as a complete waste of time at all.

Colin Baker leads a great cast, along with a great new role for Lisa Bowerman, the ever brilliant Benny Summerfield. No better actress to play her. Here she is nasty for a change. A real piece of nasty at that. Great plot twists and turns along the way too. Nicola bryant doesnt scream her head off either, which is great! Another awesome and highly original tale. Great to see Peter Miles in a Good guy role too at last!

An excellent drama

By:John Saltzburg, Philadelphia, PA USA
Date:Wednesday 13 January 2010
Rating:   8

Oddly I have listened to many of the later audios before this one but it still holds up and is at least as good as Slipback (the 1986 BBC radio drama). I suspect the review David Leyton above is based on somene who has not listened to radio broadcasts or assesed voice talent for animation. Peter Miles (Nider from Genesis of the Daleks) performance is particularly good.

Audio only.

By:Andrew Shaw, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 7 August 2010
Rating:   7

This story I think couldnt have worked as a TV episode with it being on audio you get all the atmosphere and character quality to noy i at its best, you can sit there listening t this and imagine the story going ahead.

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