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Dr. Who Meets The Cthulhu

By:David Layton, Los Angeles
Date:Thursday 24 August 2006
Rating:   5

This one is an attempt at H.P. Lovecraft given the Doctor Who touch. Thus, we get ancient powers of the universe breaking through in horrifying shape and taking over people's minds. At that level, it is O.K. I just hate astronomically improbable coincidences, such as that Erimem's father had something to do with all this and that Erimem is somehow just what these powers need to break through. Why? It is a cheap way to add "interest." Additionally, Erimem is just plain stupid in this story. It should take her just 5 minutes to work out that she is not dead, that she is being manipulated, and that nothing Lord Davey shows her is real. For instance, how can Peri legitimately criticise Erimem for not preventing a disaster on the TARDIS when Erimem is supposedly long dead? Even worse, though, is why Erimem did not immediately spot the contradiction. Instead, the entirety of part two is a complete nonsensical waste, full of false emotionalism. It truly drags down the rest of the adventure.

Nice production. However...

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Sunday 3 September 2006
Rating:   7

What we have here in The Roof of the World is high quality sound design, good performances all around, and fairly tight scripting, at least as far as it concerns the way the performances came out. Peter Davison in particular delivers some excellent scenes. As far as the story itself goes, maybe it was me, but it seemed to get a bit lost at times. Overall though, an interesting production with a nicely realized soundscape.

However, something must be said about the characterization of Peri in this story. I liked Peri in this story much better than I ever liked her in the t.v. series. But it's not really Peri. This story is supposedly set between Planet of Fire and The Caves of Androzani, and here Peri is just far too intelligent and far too self-assured. She knows far more than she should, and is too capable for the character we saw in season 21 (or season 22). If the stories require that she be written in this way, it would be truer to the original show if they were alternative universe or alternative timeline stories...

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