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A Genuine Classic

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 28 June 2006
Rating:   8

"The Wheel In space" is one of those classic missing stories that is genuinely a classic. The only knocks against it that I can see are that it is probably one episode too long, some of the science is highly questionable, and the character of Jarvis is underwritten and overacted. These are minor drawbacks, however, and the main story itself is a cracker. The Cybermen are clever here, not just big and menacing. Similarly, the people on the Wheel are not stupid, and perform as the competent scientists and engineers that they are. David Whitaker's flair for believable motivation means that there are few obvious gaps in the plot. We also get introduced to Zoe, who is really the first female DW companion since Barbara who has a distinct personality and will of her own, and is not "wet," to use a British term.

Wheel of Brilliance

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 29 September 2010
Rating:   10

Patrick Troughton never had a really bad story. About the worst is 7 out of ten. But this is an often wrongly maligned classic of the series, as it boasts so much that is excellent.

The cybermen are back to finish the fifth season of Doctor Who, and it is no wonder they are such a popular monster when they are portrayed as they are here: the original outline for the monster: totally emotionless and flat and just determined to gain their objectives simply and effectively. These monsters were always excellent, but later in the series they seemed to be a little bit more emotive (although that in itself aint bad, its a big universe...different corners of it may have had different types of cybermen) But here in the Wheel In Space they are the most emotionless they have ever been. They are expertly written. They just tower over all the cast as well.

And for the introduction of Zoe, Wendy gives a brilliant performance as the cheeky astrophysicist! I love her character as I love all the other female companions of this time. She immediately seems to gel with Pat and Frazer, and they work so well together. They steal all the scenes they are in. The way she joins the crew is brilliant too.

And the rest of the cast are of a very high class indeed. And one can easily forgive Pat's huge fluff (you know what it is) as the story is so brilliant. The cybermen may be in the background, but their presence is shadowy and very menacing indeed. And especially considering the fact that they only had two complete cybermen for this whole story.

The "I imagine you have orders to destroy me" scene for me is one of the best of the whole series. And again, the plot here isnt too over the top and isnt difficult to follow. David Whitaker has just given us a classy piece of Doctor Who. There were many brilliant episodes to come with all the following Doctors in line, but they never had a complete run of excellent stories as Pat did, except maybe Sylv McCoy. Pat for me was the best Doctor, but all the rest are excellent too. Just a great shame that the new series isnt as consistant as Pat's time in the series.

It is so sad that this story only has two television episodes remaining. Its a travesty that all the best stories suffer such cuts. The BBC should have auctioned all their stuff off. Theyd have got money for it!!!!!! Just glad that it is available on audio, that at least!!!!

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