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great, of course!

By:Adrian Sherlock, Melbourne, Australia
Date:Friday 19 March 2004
Rating:   10

I make no bones about the fact that I am Peter Davison's self-appointed champion, defender and fan as Dr.Who is concerned. I started watching the series with Tom Baker and saw a lot of Pertwee reruns. At the time I thought Pertwee was good and Baker was even better. time wore on I found I became tired of Tom Baker's endless stories as he became increasingly self-indulgent and silly in the role. Don't get me wrong, I still love Baker's early stuff and I love the first season especially of Pertwee, but Peter Davison arrived when I was a teenager when seasons 18 and 19 were screened in one long run in 1982 in Australia and by the end of Earthshock I was declaring him MY Doctor and Earthshock the all time greatest story. This story introduced me to the consumate TRADITIONAL Who writer of the 80s, Eric Saward who went on to script Earthshock and the brilliant and HUGELY UNDERRATED Resurrection of the Daleks (the darkest, most intensely paranoid, sinister and atmospheric Dalek story ever...with the possible exception of the classic Genesis, naturally!).
Saward's debut is simple, charming and intelligent, which warmth and wit and shows a very Doctorish turn by the

Pay a good visit...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 10 March 2011
Rating:   9

Doctor Who pseudo-historicals are always very entertaining. It helps too if the setting feels the era in which its meant to be set. And The Visitation achieves this very well. It looks for all the story like this is Victorian times or earlier.

The terileptils are a very interesting race. In the fact they are actually given a decent back story, which comes across rather sympathetically all in all. And they dont look too bad either. The final face metling climax is excellently achieved,and looks frankly skanky in the extreme. And the android when its disguised as The Reaper is really quite creepy, shame about the cricket gloves though! Not that I really care about that sort of thing.

The only big uugh of this story is the TARDISized Nyssa. I love Sarah Sutton, her character is far more likeable than most of the Doctor's companions, with her high moral tone and kindness, she makes a change. And having her relgated is really bad. But even in the scenes she is in shes excellent and charming.

One slight flaw too: what happened to all those poisoned rats left back at house at the end? No plot tie up there. But aside from these minor completes, this is yet another great Peter Davison story. I love the character of Richard Mace too, he's as witty and funny as Jago in The Talons of Weng Chiang. This is overall a very strong scripting debut from Eric, who gives us a classic old fashioned great Who storyw ith pace and plenty of good actions bits and even a little bit of horror too.

What I like about Petewr's time is his doctor was not so perfect all the time. He made mistakes, even if they were accidental, and this makes his Doctor all the more likeable. One last niggle is he seems to go totally against character at the climax of this story, by just brushing off ther fact that he's started the great fire of London even if this too was an accident. Just a little odd.

But like I said, this story is lkargely very good and engaging and a worthy story to add to your collection.

Visitation revisation

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 23 May 2013
Rating:   9

The Special Edition is a step up from the original release. The work done on the location shooting is staggeringly good, almost up to Blu-ray standard. The audio has been buffed up & polished as well.
All the extras from the original release are on here as well as some new extras.
The making of takes the TARDIS crew back to Black Park where the story was filmed and is a fun feature. There is also an interesting documentary on audio Doctor Who. If you've not got this story in your collection buy the SE version.

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