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An exciting first chapter!

By:Blaine G, Cedar Park, TX, USA
Date:Saturday 13 September 2003
Rating:   8

Big Finish Productions has done it again with more of their enticing tale continuing the Dalek Empire saga! This time, it's six years forward into the future. The Daleks from the alternate universe are starting to show their cruel side in their "peacekeeping" techniques. Susan Mendes is NOT dead and the Dalek Emperor has put all of his conciousness into her! A thorough introduction into the new storyline with impressive sound effects and dialogue, as always! Well done, Big Finish! I can't wait to hear the next chapter! And thanks for the coming attractions at the end and the ad for the previous chapters.

The war has begun

By:David J. Nixon, Northern Ireland
Date:Wednesday 26 May 2004
Rating:   10

From twisting and turning story of Dalek Empire I we have Dalek Empire II - Dalek War. This is the concluding section to bring an end to the travels of Susan, Alby and Karlindorf. It however doesn't end the series as a truly magnificent ending has ensured Big Finish a preorder for their next installment. The series explores the events after the opening of the temporal gateway, which ushered into our universe a race of "good" Daleks who are out to punish the "bad" Daleks for their war crimes in our universe. However, the rumours of missing systems and the ruthlessness of these new Daleks soon leads to suspicion being raised over their goodness. An ironic mirror of the Daleks in our universe sets up a new and interesting foe: the Mentor. This series has an excellent pace, great story telling and despite a little strong language in parts is a great conclusion to the opening chapters and opens the way for the continuation of the Dalek Empire. Despite being defeated in our galaxy the Daleks are returning and this time there may not be anything to stop them...

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