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A Great Start for Big Finish

By:Tim Neal, UK
Date:Wednesday 26 November 2003
Rating:   10

The anniversary gets the large format, non-fiction celebratory tome it desrves! As gorgeous to look at as The Legend is, which of us has bothered to actually read it cover-to-cover? The Inside Story could also be called The Untold Story, as we get to read tales and trivia previously unheard (although the Eyepatch episode is in there) about new Doctor Who being made here and now. Once you get over the weird sensation that such a huge book is feather-light, and the fact that the photographic reproduction isn't as high quality as the PDF previews might've led us to believe, you can sink your teeth into the real meat of the book - the text! Revelations and titbits about the first 50 stories, some quite controversial opinions and exposes of in-house fighting that the BBC would never dare admit publicly in one of their own publications. You'd have thought there would be little to distinguish the recordings of the individual stories (no tales of freak weather conditions forcing last minute script rewrites, co-stars having to slap each other because of the cold, or German nudists swimming to the rescue here), the sense of the series' growth really comes through. As David Banks was so found of proclaiming (though sadly not yet on a BF audio) "Excellent!"

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