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Very nicely done original story

By:Kairi Taylor, Astora, Queens, NY
Date:Wednesday 1 September 2004
Rating:   8

The story, originally on the BBC website, is an unique one, which harkens back to the exciement of the older Doctor stories. While it's not quite up to the stories of, say, the Pertwee or Baker years, it's still very creative & entertaining.

Alternative Eh

By:Merlin, England
Date:Monday 3 October 2005
Rating:   8

When I heard that Richard E. Grant was going to be the ninth Doctor I was rather dissaponited since I was expecting it to return to TV rather than a series of webcasts. But once the BBC had annouced that Chris was going to be the offcial ninth Doctor I was relieved. Though if you have read "The Gallifrey Chronicles" then you'll fin out that Richard might lightly count as a Doctor.


By:Hatman, get you!
Date:Tuesday 25 July 2006
Rating:   3

Look at the score! do you want to read this?

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