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A glimpse of true potential

By:Nicholas Murphie, Newtown, Australia
Date:Thursday 20 October 2005
Rating:   7

Budget restraints meant thre classic TV series never portrayed the supposed threat of the Daleks very well... there were no intergalatic invasions and mass subjugations of entire species, as referred to by the Doctor.
Congratulations then to Nicholas Briggs for giving us a sense of the true menace of the Daleks. Setting the series over a period of years has allowed the characters to progress and change, while giving a better snapsot of the relentless war machine that the Dalek race is supposed to mobilise.
The storylines may a tad obvious, but the originality is left for the end of the last disc... an alternative universe of "good" Daleks at least gives the mythology something different.
Big Finish proves the Doctor Who universe is very large and can cope without the Doctor.

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