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Water tight!

By:David Yates, Reading in Berkshire
Date:Saturday 8 October 2005
Rating:   10

I can’t stress just how much I enjoyed reading this book. It was completely satisfying in every way – my only concern was that it was a little heavy and I spent such a long time in the bath reading it, I nearly dropped it in a couple of times. But minor quibbles about the weight of paper aside (sic) – it was brilliant evocation of the joy and expectation we all felt in the lead up and broadcast of the new series. It will stand as a perfect document of a particular time that was important to us all. It solidified everything I felt. The reviews were passionate and informed in just the right measure and the authors prose style was light and easy to read.

I can’t recommend this highly enough to anyone who has even a passing interest in the new series.

It is without a shadow of a doubt responsible for some of the best baths I have ever had.

P.S. Come to think of it nearly all of TELOS's Doctor Who books are pretty heavy. David/Shaun is there any chance of some light weight water proof versions?


By:Dreary, London
Date:Friday 13 October 2006
Rating:   2

This is a rather dull and dry tome, unlikely to be of interest to the casual buyer. It has no creative spark to make the listing of dates and facts that form the first part of the book come to life, whilst the second half is a sludge of repetitive, poorly constructed reviews. There are a lot of words in this book, but unfortunately few of them are interesting. The presentation of the book is also poor, especially the cover. There are much better official books on the market and this one is best avoided.

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