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Patrick Troughton in America Doctor Who

By:OstiaAntica, South East England
Date:Saturday 30 October 2004
Rating:   9

This is a must have for any fan of the 2nd Doctor played by Patrick Troughton. This DVD gives the viewer a different perspective on this actor and how he loved Doctor Who and his contribution to the series. In the USA he was better able to show his fondness for the series and promote this however in England there was a need to avoid been always linked to the series. He talks about been a character actor and the need to be able to switch between characters. I can't describe it properly - listen to his reasons in his own words. If you too have enjoyed the 2nd Doctors era and his work both in and out of the Doctor Who series then you must get this DVD. I really was pleasently surprised by this DVD. Get it now!

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