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A totally immersive adventure

By:David J. Nixon, Northern Ireland
Date:Wednesday 26 May 2004
Rating:   10

This is the eight part tale of the Dalek invasion of the galaxy and the attempts of our three protagonists: Susan Mendes, Alby Brooks and Karlindorf, to rid the galaxy of its evil dictators. Many twists and turns are set up in this the first chapter of Dalek Empire and as the series progresses the reader learns that nothing is as it seems in this universe. The Daleks are once again out to take over the entire galaxy - or are they? This is a question that remains unanswered until the conclusion of the first Dalek Empire installment but very quickly is picked up in Dalek Empire II - Dalek War. This audio collection has great acting, sound and creates wonderful images inside your head. A real pleasure to listen to!

Great Spin Off

By:Sir Anthony Eden, Cambridge, UK
Date:Friday 15 July 2005
Rating:   10

I was very unsure about buying a Doctor Who audio from Big Finish the company behind this new series, but I thought a new adventure with everybody's favourite monsters, who wouldn't want that? My biggest concern was that an adventure without The Doctor is scarcely worth thinking about. But I was wrong.

From the start the plot, characters and sound is great, the listener is drawn into the story and you don't notice that Doctor Who isn't there to rescue everyone, we and the Daleks manage very well without him and the plot doesn't suffer without him.

A great start to the new series of CDs, quite a few are out there to collect, well worth it.

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