We‘re Falling Through Space: Doctor Who and Celebrating the Mundane

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Cover image for We're Falling Through Space: Doctor Who and Celebrating the Mundane
By:J. David Reed
Released:  18 May 2023
Publisher:  404 Ink
Format: paperback
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Description:  Publisher’s description as follows:

Sci-Fi has always examined societal issues through heightened, alien creations, but Doctor Who has always come back to examining the living room you’re watching it from. For all the time-travel and alien worlds, Doctor Who is at its strongest in those moments of intimate mundanity. Few shows are as equipped to chart the shifting landscape of everyday life in Britain as Doctor Who, even when looking solely at the revival. We’re Falling Through Space investigates how Doctor Who uses its larger-than-life, fantastical lens to discuss the mundane conflicts of normal life; from the shifting friendships of our twenties, to enduring domestic life, learning the value of self worth, and more.

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