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The Doctor and the Apostle: Intersections Between Doctor Who and the Letters of Paul

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By:Jeffrey A. Nelson
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Released:  August 2020
Publisher:  Wipf & Stock
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
What could a first-century church planter and tentmaker who helped forge the earliest years of a new religious movement possibly have in common with a British time traveling alien who first appeared in the 1960s to teach children about history?

Doctor Who has been a beloved science fiction franchise for over fifty years. Paul’s letters have been around for quite a while longer, with the earliest ones that he wrote dated less than a generation after the life of Jesus. Both have inspired and instructed people on how to live and have stoked the imagination for what individual and communal life can be in their own way. And both were or are deeply flawed, sometimes struggling against their own tendencies or those of others in order to help bring about something greater for their respective worlds.

The Doctor and the Apostle explores the similarities and differences between Doctor Who’s title character and Paul of Tarsus, comparing and contrasting the stories of each. Whether a fan of one or the other or both, the reader will gain a greater understanding of the possibilities of a life of faith, as well as a deeper appreciation of how pop culture and Scripture may help inform one another.

“You don’t have to be a fan of, or even familiar with, Paul or Doctor Who to appreciate these well-told stories of two imperfect, traveling helpers who rely not only on their own leadings and wisdom, but also on learning from their companions as well as their opponents. Be prepared to see connections between Galatians and Cybermen, and resurrection and regeneration; nuances of gender roles; and jargon-free discussions of Paul’s own writings and later additions."

JONATHAN H. HARWELL, Rollins College, co-editor of Theology and Prince

“In this book, Jeff Nelson answers the question a select few have longed to see answered: what happens if you compare the lives, activities, and values of the Doctor and the Apostle Paul? For those who never thought to ask this question, his book is all the more interesting and valuable, since it opens up fascinating avenues along which you’ll better appreciate your faith and fandom—whether as a Whovian, a Christian, or both—and at the same time be led to ask new questions that will deepen your understanding of stories and/or letters that you think you’re familiar with."

JAMES F. McGRATH, Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature, Butler University

Jeffrey A. Nelson serves on the national staff of the United Church of Christ. He is the author of Wonder and Whiskey: Insights on Faith from the Music of Dave Matthews Band (2018) and Prayer in Motion: Connecting with God in Fidgety Times (2018).

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