Shooty Dog Thing: 2th & Claw

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By:Paul Castle & Jon Arnold (ed.)
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Released:  September 2011
Publisher:  Hirst Publishing
Format: paperback
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Note:  Sequel to Shooty Dog Thing — compilation of material from the eponymous Doctor Who fanzine.

Cover blurb:
fanzine (‘fæn’zi n) n.
a small-circulation magazine produced by amateurs for fans of a specific interest.

‘Shooty Dog Thing: 2th & Claw’ follows hot on the heels of the internationally acclaimed ‘Shooty Dog Thing’ ‘best of’ collection. Containing 100% new material, ‘Shooty Dog Thing: 2th & Claw’ features the best in contemporary Doctor Who fan writing.

Oh, and before you ask, you don’t have to have read book one to enjoy this (fans always ask that).

“This is a book into which a lot of care and attention has been poured... Few fanzines in days of old approached the quality of the original editions of ‘Shooty Dog Thing’ from which this book is culled." — Stuart Douglas, founder Obverse Books

“In-depth and wide-ranging and thoughtful and playful and kind... It takes Doctor Who seriously without taking itself too seriously. Plus Paul Castle’s just so fundamentally decent and nice that he’s a strong contender for the heart and soul of fandom." — Jonathan Blum, Aurealis Award winner for Doctor Who: Fallen Gods from Telos Publishing

“I really enjoyed reading this compilation from the start... One of the main things I loved about it: basically,Paul Castle’s very decisive mentality that Doctor Who stories are of equal value in all mediums. A very handsome volume and a treasured addition to my collection." — Nicholas Blake, editor Planet of the Ming Mongs

“I love how the analysis comes from an emotional perspective. It focuses on the impact of the drama rather than from a cold, pure continuity point of view. Refreshing!" — Cody Quijano-Schell, editor Elements of Danger from Obverse Books

“J’adore it! Bitchy, funny, geeky, insightful, a bit bonkers, crammed to bursting with lore and hearsay... a proper Doctor Who fanzine!... It made me want to start my own." — David MacGowan, editor Rassilons Rod

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