Who Cares? My Life With Tom Baker

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By:Courtland D. Lewis
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Released:  May 2021
Publisher:  kOZMIC Press
Format: paperback
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Description:  Memoir by American academic and author Courtland Lewis about his Doctor Who fandom and the influence Tom Baker has had on his life.

Cover blurb:
Would you like a jelly baby?

“June 11, 2018 was a fairly typical summer day in western Kentucky: hot, muggy, and probably a few rain showers. The one big difference was that Tom Baker’s Doctor Who serial ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ was broadcast in local theaters. So, after enjoying a pleasant meal at a local restaurant, I sat down in the theater’s comfy recliners with a ‘sonic screwdriver’ and enjoyed the 40-foot-tall mass of curls and teeth that is Tom Baker. With glee in my heart, I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to write a book about Tom Baker.’"

As a young boy, Courtland Lewis’ television viewing revolved around cartoons, sitcoms, variety shows, and Jerry Lewis movies. But one evening he sat down on the linoleum floor of his grandparents’ home to watch a show—and a lead actor—that would captivate his imagination. Discovering Doctor Who stands out as a seminal moment in his life, one that stayed with him through early years of rebellion, romance and near-death experiences and helped him become who he is today: husband, father, teacher, mentor, adventurer, and explorer. Having written extensively on Doctor Who, Courtland turns his attention in Who Cares?: My Life With Tom Baker to the show’s eccentric, electrifying star and the inspiration and influence he’s had on Courtland’s life.

Courtland D. Lewis is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Pellissippi State Community College. He is the author of The Real Meaning of Doctor Who, Repentance and the Right to Forgiveness, and co-editor of Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside and More Doctor Who and Philosophy: Regeneration Time.

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