The Maze of Doom

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Starring: Sophie Aldred
By:David Solomons
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Released:  April 2020
Publisher:  BBC Children's Books
Format: 6 x CD
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Note:  Unabridged audio reading of the 13th Doctor children’s novel.

Cover blurb:
A TOLL OF DANGER from deep within the TARDIS...
A DEADLY PREDATOR prowling the tunnels of London...
A HIGH-SPEED, HIGH STAKES race against time!

The Doctor is back in London, where an ancient beast is terrorising the city. As the Time Lord and her friends investigate, they uncover a mystery that will take then from a secret mountain base to the depths of the ocean — and, if they cannot solve it, one of them will perish.

Can the Doctor find a way to save her friends?

A terrifying, electrifying and hilarious adventure for the Thirteenth Doctor, as portrayed by Jodie Whittaker.

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