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The Teeth of Ice

No. 11 of 16 in the Classic series audio originals series
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Starring: Dan Starkey
By:Andrew Lane
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Released:  August 2023
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 1 x CD
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Description:  Original Doctor Who audio reading featuring the Eighth Doctor.

Cover blurb:
Dan Starkey reads a brand new adventure in 1900s Antarctica for the Eighth Doctor, as played on TV by Paul McGann.

Indomitable reporter James Macfarlane has travelled to the remote MacReady Base near the South Pole, his mission to interview the famed explorer Pentius Rochdale. On arrival Macfarlane is astonished to discover that the base’s new medical officer is none other than the Doctor!

Macfarlane is intrigued by rumours of strange goings-on at the Base, whilst a recent attack on a neighbouring station - by creatures unknown - attracted the Doctor’s attention. The two friends focus on Rochdale’s expedition to find the legendary lost continent of Mu, which he believes may lie in Antarctica.

When a series of grisly deaths disturbs the Base’s calm, the Doctor’s suspicions are aroused. Whatever is preying on people, it’s intelligent and has deadly claws and teeth. But by the time he and Macfarlane have uncovered the truth, they are well within biting distance of the teeth of ice...
Dan Starkey, who played Strax and other Sontarans in the BBC TV series, reads this chilling tale by Andrew Lane.

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