The Dr Who Annual 1966

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Released:  September 1965
Publisher:  World Distributors
Format: hardback
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Note:  The front cover and spine simply say “The Dr Who Annual” with no mention of the year. Features the first Doctor (no companions) and appearances by the Zarbi, Menoptera, Sensorites and Voord. An electronic (PDF file) version of this annual and an audio reading of the story The Lair of Zarbi Supremo were both included as an extra on The Web Planet DVD. Several of the other contents of this annual have been released as audio readings on CD: The article Who is Dr Who? as part of The Doctor Who Audio Annual, while the article The Equations of Dr Who and the story Peril in Mechanistria were both released as part of The Second Doctor Who Audio Annual.

Cover blurb:


  • The Lair of Zarbi Supremo
  • Who is Dr Who?
  • The Sons of the Crab
  • The Lost Ones
  • Journey Back to Earth (game)
  • The Equations of Dr Who
  • The Monsters from Earth
  • Peril in Mechanistria
  • The Fishmen of Kandalinga

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