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The Monster Collection: The Daleks

No. 2 of 6 in the The Monster Collection DVDs series
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Starring: William Hartnell, Matt Smith, Carole Ann Ford & William Russell
By:Terry Nation & Steven Moffat
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Editions:  UK UK (DVD) | Brazil Brazil (DVD)
Description:  Like the other Monster Collection DVDs, this re-release combines two Doctor Who TV stories, one from the classic series and one from the new series, namely The Daleks (1963) and Asylum of the Daleks (2012).

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Edition: UK UK (DVD)
Released:  September 2013
Publisher:  Unknown
Format: 2 x DVD
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Cover blurb:
Take a trip through space and time to meet creatures and enemies that always come back for more...
Contains two exciting adventures!

The Daleks are the most feared race in the entire universe. The hideous mutant creatures contained inside almost indestructible casings conquer and exterminate wherever they go...

THE DALEKS is a seven-part adventure first shown in 1963/64. Starring William Hartnell as the First Doctor, it introduced the world to the Daleks for the first time.

ASYLUM OF THE DALEKS was first shown in 2012. The Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, falls into a Dalek trap and ends up on a dangerous mission for his oldest enemies.

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Edition: Brazil Brazil (DVD)
Title:  A Coleção Dos Monstros: Os Daleks
Released:  March 2016
Publisher:  Paris Filmes
Format: 2 x DVD

Cover blurb:
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