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Professor Howe and the Trojan Tribulations

No. 18 of 20 in the Professor Howe books series
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By:Rachel Redhead & Christopher Samuel Stone
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Released:  October 2022
Publisher:  Long Scarf Publications
Format: paperback
Long Scarf Publications

Cover blurb:
So good, you’ll laugh till you’re hoarse!

Ten years into the Trojan War and events are locked in stalemate. As both sides wrestle for the upper hand, history appears to have drifted off-course.

PROFESSOR HOWE has also drifted off course and dropped in. The Greeks believe her to be a Goddess certain to bring them victory — she just hopes to be Hera today and gone tomorrow.

Will enlisting the Professor be the Greeks’ Achilles’ heel? Will Homer’s attempts at a poem prove an epic fail? And what can Greg do with a couple of yoghurt pots?

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