Erimem: The Collected Adventures 2015

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By:Beth Jones, Iain McLaughlin, Claire Bartlett & Julianne Todd
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Released:  September 2017
Publisher:  Thebes Publishing
Format: paperback
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Note:  Print-on-demand. Compilation of the previously-published novel The Last Pharaoh, the novellas The Beast of Stalingrad and Angel of Mercy, plus the short stories The One Place (previously published along with The Beast of Stalingrad) and In Search of Doctor X (previously published as part of All I Want for Christmas). Followed by Erimem: The Collected Adventures 2016.

Cover blurb:
Daughter and heir of Pharaoh Amenhotep II, Erimem left Egypt to explore and learn but she is drawn through space and time to London in the Twenty First Century.[sic]

With a new group of friends and the ability to travel the universe, Erimem’s travels take her from Earth’s past to distant worlds in the far future.

Erimem’s adventures have only just begun.

This collection contains the Erimem novel, novellas and short stories first published in 2015.

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