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Music from the New Audio Adventures: Volume 3

No. 3 of 8 in the Big Finish music series
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By:Russell Stone
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Released:  June 2001
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Contains music from Red Dawn, Winter for the Adept, and The Holy Terror.

Cover blurb:
Indicental music composed and compiled by
as featured in the audio adventures

Red Dawn
Winter for the Adept
The Holy Terror

Track listing:
All tracks (except the trailers) by Russell Stone.

    Red Dawn
  1. Trailer
  2. We Have Lift-off
  3. The Anomaly / Things to Come
  4. Bumpy Ride, Soft Landing
  5. The Ice Men Cometh
  6. Much More...
  7. Susan Slips Away / Forbes in Trouble
  8. Webster
  9. Sabotage?
  10. Tit-for-tat
  11. The Plan for Tanya
  12. Sunrise Over the Red Planet
  13. Deploy the Sonic Charge
  14. Webster’s Gamble
  15. Countdown to Destruction

    Winter for the Adept

  16. Trailer
  17. Winter Waltzes
  18. Nyssa in the Snow
  19. A Strange Man / An Odd School
  20. Spirits Arising
  21. Harding Wellman
  22. One of the Adept / Mourning Miss Tremayne
  23. The Spillagers
  24. No-one Here / He Never Loved Me
  25. A Shooting Star
  26. And So I Close My Diary

    The Holy Terror

  27. Trailer
  28. Dungeons / Berengaria’s Lament / Childeric
  29. Beneath the Vaults
  30. Frobisher
  31. The Child / Arnulf / Berengaria / The Temple
  32. The Legacy of My Evil
  33. Two Miles of Steps
  34. No Front Door / Childeric’s Death
  35. Why Could I Not Love My Child?
  36. Death and the Child
  37. Nothing Lasts Forever

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