Krynoids: The Root of All Evil

No. 18 of 33 in the BBV Audio Adventures in Time and Space series
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Cover image for Krynoids: The Root of All Evil
Starring: Catherine Church
By:Lance Parkin
Rating:   6.6  (11 votes)  Vote here
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Released:  November 1999
Publisher:  BBV
Format: 1 x CD

Cover blurb:
"All is Krynoid, all will be Krynoid..."

On an isolated Yorkshire hill farm a strange species of plant has been discovered. Between the stalks of wheat and through the ancient hedgerows an alien horror is silently choking the land.

Eve Black a young biologist working for the Ministry of Agriculture is called to the farm to investigate, but instead of finding a simple case of weed infestation her enquiries uncover an sentient [sic] hostile life form. One that is intent on destroying every living thing on Earth.

The harvest is beginning and the human race is the crop.

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