Doctor Who On Location

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By:Richard Bignell
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Released:  October 2001
Publisher:  Reynolds & Hearn
Format: paperback
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From the deserted beaches of Brighton to the Highlands of Scotland and from the Eiffel Tower to the outermost reaches of the universe — the Doctor has visited them all on the screen in over 30 years of time travelling adventures. But behind the scenes, things can be rather different.

When the ideas and concepts in a Doctor Who script become too broad to be realised within the confines of a television studio, the production team often has little option other than to pack up its bags and go out to film on location.

But working on location can often cause many unforeseen problems not encountered in the safe, controllable environment of the studio — overnight snow falls, torrential rain, broken bones, lost wigs and uncontrollable animals — all these and more have had to be faced and overcome during the production of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who — On Location is an informative and entertaining look at the various trials, tribulations and joys of taking a complex television programme about the world’s most famous Time Lord out of the studio and into the great and unpredictable outdoors of the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada.

The most comprehensive listing of Doctor Who filming locations ever produced together with a full scene-by-scene breakdown of how they were used in the transmitted programmes.

Contains coverage of all the BBC-produced Doctor Who stories that featured location work from 1964 to 1989 together with sections on the 1996 TV Movie, Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD, K9 and Company, Dimensions in Time, the abandoned 1979 story Shada and the unproduced adventures, The Nightmare Fair and The Dark Dimension.

Over 150 illustrations including many rare and unpublished production photos, location maps and BBC production documentation.

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