Doctor Who Yearbook 1996

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Released:  September 1995
Publisher:  Marvel
Format: hardback
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Note:  The front cover and spine simply says “Doctor Who Yearbook” with no mention of the year. Unlike previous annuals / yearbooks (which contained a random assortment of articles and stories), the majority of this yearbook consists of a detailed episode guide covering all 26 seasons of the classic series, making this particular yearbook highly sought-after by collectors.

Cover blurb:


  • Season Guide: Seasons 1-3 (feature)
  • Star Beast II (comic strip)
  • Season Guide: Seasons 4-17 (feature)
  • Valley of the Lost by Philip Hinchcliffe (unmade story)
  • Season Guide: Seasons 18-20 (feature)
  • Mary Ridge (interview)
  • Season Guide: The Five Doctors (feature)
  • Season Guide: Seasons 21-22 (feature)
  • Junkyard Demon II (comic strip)
  • Season Guide: Seasons 23-26 (feature)
  • The Nineties (feature)

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