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Doctor Who Yearbook 1993

No. 2 of 5 in the Marvel Yearbooks series
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Released:  September 1992
Publisher:  Marvel
Format: hardback
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Cover blurb:


  • Spearheads from Space? (feature)
  • Cambridge Previsited by Karen Dunn (short story)
  • Monster File: The Ice Warriors (feature)
  • Monster File: The Zygons (feature)
  • Monster File: The Axons (feature)
  • Monster File: The Sontarans (feature)
  • Anatomy of a Yeti (feature)
  • Metamorphosis — Part One (comic strip)
  • Dream a Little Dream for me by Nigel Robinson (short story)
  • Country of the Blind by Paul Cornell (short story)
  • Daggers of the Mind (feature)
  • Farewells by Terrance Dicks (short story)
  • Anatomy of a Dalek (feature)
  • Making (New) Myths (feature)
  • The Sonic Screwdriver (feature)
  • Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat by Marc Platt (short story)
  • Terrible Tunes (feature)
  • Metamorphosis — Part Two (comic strip)
  • Dressing Up (feature)
  • A Tourist Invasion by Colin Baker (short story)
  • Monster File: The Draconians (feature)
  • Monster File: The Silurians and the Sea Devils (feature)
  • Monster File: The Ogrons (feature)
  • Monster File: The Daemons (feature)

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