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Myth Makers: Doctor Who Magazine Vol. 2

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Starring: Gary Gillatt
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Editions:  UK UK (VHS) | UK UK (DVD)
Description:  Interview with key personnel behind the long-running Doctor Who Magazine as it celebrated its 20th birthday in 1999.

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Edition: UK UK (VHS)
Title:  Myth Makers: Doctor Who Magazine 20th Birthday
Released:  December 1999
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x VHS PAL

Cover blurb:
“It’s the one link that people have to the rest of fandom and the sense of what’s going on." — Gary Gillatt

The latest Myth Makers is a celebration of twenty years of the most influential and dedicated publication about Doctor Who.

Through a variety of different owners, editors, writers, artists and contributors — Doctor Who Magazine (DWM) has reviewed, analyzed, supported and created new fiction about Doctor Who. It’s a sobering thought that for half of its life, DWM has had to survive promoting a programme that is no longer in production — a feat it has achieved with enormous success.

Reeltime’s cameras were at City University for DWM’s “20th Birthday Bash” where Nicholas Briggs managed to corner current editor Gary Gillatt to discuss the magazine’s successes and failures and what the future may hold.

There’s also exclusive interviews with Dez Skinn, J. Jeremy Bentham, Andrew Pixley, Gary Russell and guest editor Sophie Aldred!

Cover image for Myth Makers: Doctor Who Magazine Vol. 2
Edition: UK UK (DVD)
Released:  May 2015
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x DVD
Reeltime Pictures

Cover blurb:
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