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Cwej: Requiem

No. 27 of 27 in the Miscellaneous original novels series
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By:James Hornby
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Released:  23 April 2024
Publisher:  Arcbeatle Press
Format: paperback
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Description:  Original novel featuring Chris Cwej, literary companion to the Seventh Doctor in the 1990s New Adventures novels.

Cover blurb:
A young Chris Cwej, fresh out of an experimental time travel surgery, has been transported with his alien co-worker Tyron to a planet with deadly monsters and a single human woman.

The robotic Captain of the INITEC vessel the Gold Reserve, along with his crew, are tracking the course of a massive Universe-wide disaster in the making.

Gregori Glasst, famed spacefaring composer, is on tour for a musical celebration of Earth history, and has prepared his magnum opus to be played at a very specific venue.

Chris, Tyron, the Captain, Glasst, and music student Fionara are all embroiled in something far bigger than they realize. Two notes of music that should never touch have melded into the sound of chaos.

Chris must stop the Sol Three Tour, or else a requiem will play the Totality of Existence to its end.

Adapted from the Audio Visuals drama script, originally written by Cwej creator ANDY LANE (Doctor Who: Original Sin, A Thousand Tiny Wings), this new and expanded novelization of Requiem has been written by acclaimed SIGNET creator JAMES HORNBY (UNIT: Beyond What We See, Crushing Reality) to bring you a thrilling prequel to CWEJ: THE SERIES.

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