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60 Moments in Time

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By:Marcus Hearn (ed.)
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Released:  9 November 2023
Publisher:  Panini
Format: paperback
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Description:  Although this is being sold on magazine shelves, it does have an ISBN number so I am choosing to class it as a book and list it here. Publisher’s description as follows:
The makers of Doctor Who Magazine present their biggest-ever publication — a deluxe bookazine celebrating the 60th anniversary of the world’s longest-running science-fiction programme. This 224-page limited edition explores Doctor Who’s impact on its fans, the viewing public and popular culture across 60 chapters of all-new material. Edited by Marcus Hearn and designed by Peri Godbold, who previously collaborated on the bestselling 50th anniversary book Doctor Who: The Vault, this is the essential souvenir of a television milestone.

Cover blurb:
The makers of Doctor Who Magazine present a lavishly illustrated journey through the lives and times of the world’s greatest science-fiction programme.

Doctor Who’s success can be measured not only by its record-breaking longevity. but in the unique impact it’s made on generations of viewers. This deluxe bookazine goes beyond the familiar stories, highlighting 60 landmark moments and exploring the many facets of a television legend on its diamond anniversary.

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