Josephine and the Argonauts

No. 4 of 5 in the Literary crossover novels series
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By:Paul Magrs
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Released:  24 August 2023
Publisher:  BBC Children's Books
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
It was a kind of portal — a portal into the myths of the ancient world...

Everyone knows the Doctor loves museums (it’s his way of keeping score).

But when Jo Grant and the Doctor visit the British Museum, they come across a mysterious device that offers strange visions of Greek myths. Gods, warriors and monsters are contained within this object — the MythoScope.

But a powerful influence seems to be controlling this world... mastering it.

Jo and the Doctor must bargain with Zeus, battle the undead and journey to the ends of the earth, where only an object of wondrous power can save the MythoScope from total destruction.

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