Dr. Who and the Daleks: The Original Soundtrack

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Cover image for Dr. Who and the Daleks: The Original Soundtrack
Starring: Malcolm Lockyer
By:Malcolm Lockyer
Released:  31 October 2022
Publisher:  StudioCanal
Format: 1 x LP, 1 x Ultra HD Blu-ray
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Description:  Collector’s set containing the music soundtrack to the 1965 Peter Cushing movie Dr. Who & the Daleks packaged with the movie itself on 1 Ultra HD disc and 1 Blu-ray disc, plus posters and artcards — very similar in fact to the 2022 collector’s edition, although the artcards appear to be different and the other extras (mini-book and collector’s coin) are not included.
Fans who bought that set a few short months ago must be wondering why they’re being “forced” to buy the movie again and can’t just buy the vinyl by itself. The full soundtrack has never had a standalone release by itself but a selection of tracks was released on both CD & vinyl as a 2-in-1 release along with its sequel’s soundtrack.

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