The War Master: Escape from Reality

No. 8 of 8 in the The War Master audios series
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Cover image for The War Master: Escape from Reality
Starring: Sir Derek Jacobi, Nicholas Briggs & Burn Gorman
By:Rochana Patel, Lizzie Hopley, Alfie Shaw & David Llewellyn
Released:  20 December 2022
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 4 x CD
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Cover blurb:
Pursued by a squadron of Dalek assault ships, the Master’s only hope is to abandon the space-time vortex and flee into an altogether different reality: a realm of fiction.

Confronted with creatures of myth and figures from folklore, the Master sees an opportunity to scavenge a universe of impossible artefacts and use them against his enemies.

But first, he must face off against a host of legendary monsters, literary heroes and embody fiction’s greatest consulting detective: Sherlock Holmes.

The Wrath of Medusa by Rochana Patel
The Shadow Master by Lizzie Hopley
The Adventure of the Deceased Doctor by Alfie Shaw
The Master of Dorian Gray by David Llewellyn

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