Doctor of War: Genesis

No. 9 of 10 in the Doctor Who Unbound audios series
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Starring: Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Geoffrey Beevers & Nicola Bryant
By:John Dorney, Andrew Morgan & James Kettle
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Released:  13 April 2022 (Big Finish website only)
30 June 2022 (wide release)
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 3 x CD
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Note:  Although the title of this audio drama doesn’t mention “Doctor Who Unbound”, Big Finish have categorised it as such on their website, so I am doing the same — as it appears to feature an alternate version of the Sixth Doctor who takes on the mantle of the War Doctor during the Time War.

Cover blurb:
Times have changed. A choice was made and the universe diverged. And now all of history is at war.

One man stands at the centre of it all. But whose side is he on? Is he with the angels? Or the demons? And does anyone even know which is which?

He was a Doctor once, but now he is Doctor no more. He is the Warrior. The Doctor of War.

Dust Devil by John Dorney
Aftershocks by Lou Morgan
The Difference Office by James Kettle

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