The Resurrection Plant

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Starring: Frazer Hines
By:Will Hadcroft
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Released:  4 August 2022
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: CD
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Note:  Original Doctor Who audio reading featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe.

Cover blurb:
Frazer Hines reads a brand new story featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe.

The TARDIS brings its occupants to Calico Three, an Earth-like planetoid where industrial foundries are worked alongside sophisticated technology. The Doctor is staggered to learn about the Resurrection Plant, which re-births anyone mortally wounded in the line of work.

While Jamie is put to work in the foundry, Zoe and the Doctor investigate the Plant - but when the machine goes terribly wrong, they must work with the locals to combat a horrifying monster. The Doctor also uncovers a shameful secret that, for him at least, hits close to home.

Frazer Hines, who played Jamie in the TV series, reads Will Hadcroft’s intriguing adventure.

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