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No. 4 of 9 in the BBV audio novelisations series
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By:Lupan Evezan
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Released:  September 2021
Publisher:  BBV
Format: paperback

Description:  Novelisation of the 2000 BBV audio drama.

Cover blurb:
Corrigan is a throwback; a misfit; a starship captain with the heat of a seafaring mariner. His skills as a engineer and navigator are unparalleled. He’s just not terribly good at being human. Perhaps that’s why he plies his trade between the rim-worlds and the Vega Station with only a Clockwork Robot for company. But when his estranged daughter goes missing on the wreck of a starliner, Corrigan is faced with a stark choice — leave her to die, or attempt a rescue that would surely destroy hi relationship with her forever.

The Cyberons however, care little for Corrigan’s choices — with two million new subjects to convert and an unlimited supply of power, they are poised to attack the Vega Station. It will be the first staging post in a decisive war against humanity.

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