Lethbridge-Stewart: Warriors of Montu

No. 37 of 48 in the Lethbridge-Stewart novels series
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By:Gareth Madgwick
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Released:  September 2021
Publisher:  Candy Jar Books
Format: paperback
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Candy Jar Books

Cover blurb:
It was supposed to be a holiday. Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and his fiancée, Fiona, certainly deserved one. A steamer down the Nile and a guided tour of the ruins and artifacts of Ancient Egypt should have been perfect.

Then things went wrong: attacks on the passengers, secrecy, bizarre behaviour and a voice in Lethbridge-Stewart’s head.

Something on the boat is so valuable that people will kill to get it. And, out in the desert, something is waking from a long slumber.

What do all of these things have to do with the Egyptian God Montu? One thing is for sure, Fiona is about to find out just how dangerous Lethbridge-Stewart’s life can be.

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