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Professor Howe and the Holy Hotel

No. 12 of 20 in the Professor Howe books series
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By:Paul Driscoll
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Released:  March 2021 (Exact date unconfirmed)
Publisher:  Long Scarf Publications
Format: paperback
Long Scarf Publications

Cover blurb:
You can check out any time you like...
...but you can never leave.

A hotel in space is the ideal place for a honeymoon for newly weds, Oliver and Mo Lake. The constant adventuring had got in the way of, not just the holiday, but a good night’s sleep and the washing up. Now PROFESSOR HOWE has decided to give her companions a treat.

Unfortunately, things aren’t entirely what they seem. A mixture of strange guests, hideous wallpaper and a monster prowling the twisted corridors are some of the dangers that must be faced.

Can the Professor and her friends escape the labyrinthine lobbies? What exactly is in room 42? And has the author read “The Shining” far too many times?

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