Dalek Universe: The Dalek Protocol

No. 56 of 60 in the Fourth Doctor Adventures audios series
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Starring: Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, John Leeson & Nicholas Briggs
By:Nicholas Briggs
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Released:  April 2021 (Big Finish website only)
May 2021 (wide release)
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 2 x CD
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Description:  Prologue to the Dalek Universe audio drama series released during 2021.

Cover blurb:
The Earth mission to Exxilon is nearing completion after many long years. Enough parrinium has been mined to stop the spread of the deadly space plague. But suddenly, the power-draining beacon from the Exxilon city is inexplicably reactivated, stranding the humans.

The Doctor, Leela and K9 are stuck too, right on top of the remains of the city — under attack!

Somewhere nearby, the android agent Mark Seven is enacting his secret orders while the Doctor’s estranged future companion, Anya Kingdom, is hoping for redemption.

And heading inexorably towards them all... the Daleks!

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