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Professor Howe and the Moon Maker

No. 16 of 20 in the Professor Howe books series
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By:Allan Lear
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Released:  February 2022
Publisher:  Long Scarf Publications
Format: paperback
Long Scarf Publications

Cover blurb:
Owner of the global entity BORK, Albert Persiflage, having already flooded the consumer landscape, had discovered a space in the market. A new ‘subscriber’ moon — and talk of it was making waves.

Meanwhile, in the clandestine halls of espionage central, panic reigned. With spies disappearing faster than pastries at a Gregg’s sale, B, the leader of the Intelligencia, has little choice but to call PROFESSOR HOWE for help.

Does taxi driver Derek Pleat really have ‘The Knowledge’? Will the dependable Bob Ajob find gainful employment and inner peace? And who exactly will be the principle villain?

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