Professor Howe and the Chaotic Courtroom

No. 10 of 18 in the Professor Howe books series
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By:Don Klees
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Released:  September 2020
Publisher:  Long Scarf Publications
Format: paperback
Long Scarf Publications

Note:  A hardback edition is available exclusively to Patreon backers.

Cover blurb:
Justice isn’t blind — it’s dead — well it certainly seems that way.

After a lifetime of incompetence, dangerous flying and stealing biscuits, PROFESSOR HOWE must face the consequences of his actions.

Charged by the Infinity Tsars with Causing Havoc Around Ordinary Situations (CHAOS), he must use every bit of his idiosyncratic intelligence to defend himself from the procedures, practises and puns of the Prosecutor.

Reliving past and unseen adventures, can the time traveller prove his innocence? Who or what are the slumberers? And why does the Prosecutor seem so familiar?

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