The Lone Centurion: Volume One

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Starring: Arthur Darvill
By:David Llewellyn, Sarah Ward & Jacqueline Rayner
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Released:  April 2021 (Big Finish website only)
June 2021 (wide release)
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 3 x CD
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Note:  Audio drama box set featuring the character “The Last Centurion”: the Auton duplicate of the Eleventh Doctor’s companion Rory Williams from the 2010 Doctor Who episode The Pandorica Opens.

Cover blurb:
Legend tells of the Lone Centurion — a mysterious figure dressed as a Roman soldier who stood guard over the Pandorica, warning off those who would attempt to open it; a constant warrior whose story appeared in the folk history of a dozen civilisations.

Only... he seems to have misplaced it.

Travelling to Rome in search of the Pandorica, Rory finds himself forced to perform as a gladiator in the Colosseum... where he attracts the attention of the Imperial household.

Gladiator by David Llewellyn
The Unwilling Assassin by Sarah Ward
I, Rorius by Jacqueline Rayner

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